Excerpt 80




She is legitimate.
But appears to a
Man at dinner at eight on a Tuesday at a
Madison Avenue coffee-shop counter to be a
Her soft scrambled eggs stubbornly resist the
Paroxysms of her esophagus as the
Gray-haired, gray-eyed, gray-suited
Stranger erects himself on the stool beside her and
Comments on the darkness of her seedy toast.
Charred thoughts of the past, of being watched, always watched
Choke her movements. She
Exposes impeccable manners.
Fingers firmly grasp the fork, as she raises her eyes to
Probe his face. Quickly lowering the pronged instrument to the
Hard plate, she slowly rises to pay the bill—one
Account finished,
Another just begun.
Manhattan’s aggressors strangle her sweet pliability of temper and womb.

{From the book, Furrow, by Anne Weitzer}


Prologue to (copyrighted, completed) novel (easily adapted to indie film):

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” meets “Mommie Dearest” in Memphis, New York, Athens, and London

Alexandra is the female David Copperfield. She is educated, polite, and kind, but the people in her world don’t appreciate those qualities very much. She is shy and becomes an acute observer of others. Her curiosity about people, their interests, their families fascinate her. Alexandra is trying to learn how to live. Her mother is a bipolar alcoholic who frequently rages and does shockingly cruel things to Alexandra. Her father is a closet homosexual who is too busy with his affairs and secrets to pay any attention to his only child. Alexandra turns to men in a search for any semblance of love or affection. The results are frequently harrowing, often just funny. At the same time, she works very hard at many jobs: teacher, production planner of mattress ticking for a Fortune 100 textile company, and writer and editor at many magazines. But the traumatic experiences of her childhood continue to haunt her. She finds comfort in books and films and excitement from new men, preferably foreign. Will she find happiness? Or end up in a rusty garbage can?