children’s book: Fantasy Friends on Furlough (in a putrid pandemic)

Readers’ Reviews:

A jewel that grew out of the darkness of these times. It is a children’s book with hidden sophistication. It is a book the child may read. It’s a book you may read to the child. It’s also a book you may wrestle from the child, curl up in a cozy corner and read to yourself. And lastly, it’s a book you don’t need to read, but slowly turn the pages from one treasured drawing to another.
Elliot Rais – Author of Stealing the Borders

5.0 out of 5 stars This book will appeal to children and adults.

Reviewed in the United States on November 6, 2020

This timely publication is packed with imaginative characters and memorable illustrations, which appeal to all ages.
Readers enter creative pandemic vignettes inhabited by an array of amusingly named creatures going about their daily lives with masks in hand, or dutifully worn on beak, mouth, or muzzle.
You’ll wonder about the contents of Balkan Bat’s inky drink, admire a Wolverine wary Alaskan rabbit, who has landed a lacy mask, also some loving ladybugs inspired to go to extremes for fashion, and be happy for some naked crayons acquiring winter knits.

—N. McGary