Excerpt 83

Who are The True Privileged of this world?

They are the children who grow up with unconditional love.  It is the most cherished gift, a supreme advantage, an unshakeable foundation that will support you—mind, body, spirit—for life.

My mother could barely tolerate perfection, much less the infinite flaws of a child. I was expected to need nothing, ask for nothing, never disagree—only to offer blind, submissive obedience.

There were no bedtime stories. Never. Cuddles, kisses, hugs…never.

To put me to sleep, Nancy gave me a tall glass of Maker’s Mark bourbon and 7-Up. The tall glass was elegantly painted with a couple dancing, dressed like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

It was the perfect metaphor for our family: To the outside world, we looked perfect.

Inside, was our own hell on earth. Robert, my father,  never intervened. He was absent during most of my life. He traveled extensively for work or frequently lived in his converted office/apartment far away on the other side of Memphis.

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