Blood-red sky sits upon navy clouds. Splashes of charcoal-gray above one great celestial

Puddle pursued by lesser configurations. They do not mingle but maintain

Identities of individuality. Nature hovers over mankind’s electric bulbs.

Tonight, I see no stars. But the ground is stardust. Flickering, sparkling,

Enticing, alluring. Horizons far, far away—combined with fear and

Frequently dismay. The colors are the emotions of the soul. Always seeking

Construction of the whole. The sun and moon never have to choose; they simply

Follow courses. Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are up above

The world so high, you are a diamond in the sky, upon which dangle the

Dreams and drooling fantasies of those transgressed, seeking always to

Possess qualities never to exist, according to

Nature’s laws of existence.

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